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Untrimmed Hp Cape on Pure

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Hey Guys!


So i am making a maxed 75 attack pure. When I started the account, I didn't think I was going to be doing anything with it other than d bow rushing, so from 1-70 range I cannoned it without getting hp experience. I think I screwed myself. 

Now that the account is being trained, I always feel like I am missing out on that 200k hp exp I could have had..... And now I'm grinding for a maxed pure account with the goal of having an untrimmed hp cape...


So my only options are PC and Organized Crime for the remaining hp exp.


Will I be able to make the account without doing PC or organized crime?

Assuming starting stats at this point are followed:








Mith Gloves done and DT done

How far off am I?..... and what my best option?



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