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  1. Add skype to discuss. All depends on amount.
  2. Currently I can offer BTC or paypal. Currently: Looking for stock Rate: to be discussed. Willing to beat competitor pricing though I will not go first unless I deem you more trustworthy than me PM me or post with how much you have forsale, or add my ONLY skype: konchamp@outlook.com
  3. A/W updated to more fit the stats. (dropped 20M)
  4. SKYPE: konchamp@outlook.com Stats: Restore Pool + Mage Pot for TB (55.85 cb) Login: Items: Most attack quests are finished for a pure. Offense history: My email is atttached. Will be changed to yours upon purchase. SB: 45M A/W: 60M Skype: Konchamp@outlook.com I AM ORIGINAL OWNER
  5. I used TeamCapes for 1-51 no issues
  6. Play legit for awhile and then bot again on a dif proxy/IP so you can unban again, ez
  7. smh just make a pure legit and autoclick cannon ur range/mage sand crabs is 0 effort
  8. dis was my vid LOL such a fucking nerd
  9. I was thinking about setting up 1v1 matches/team matches where there is a joining fee and prize and its all regulated/reffed. But not sure if this is allowed here/people would want to do.
  10. @Mio How much for a thread layout?
  11. 34534534


    still need? I can do add me konchamp@outlook.com
  12. Shit all I need is the celebration gatorade to be orange, coin toss to be heads, MVP celebration to thank God or his Family first, and Tom Brady to wear tape on his hand to start the game. lesgetit
  13. Account is 66 attack, 40 strength (staying 40 str) and 1 def. I am looking for 60-75 Attack, my gear (bis) + supplies. ALSO quote me for 66-70 attack. ONLY looking for trusted, sorry. If low fb don't waste both our time pls post price/time frame. (its roughly 26k/hr at sand crabs). Goes without saying but HAND DONE.
  14. Makes me depressed running max 8 bots on a time on my shit laptop while yall pulling massive numbers
  15. Have you tried restarting/updating client with the new one from like 10min ago?
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