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  1. Add skype to discuss. All depends on amount.
  2. Currently I can offer BTC or paypal. Currently: Looking for stock Rate: to be discussed. Willing to beat competitor pricing though I will not go first unless I deem you more trustworthy than me PM me or post with how much you have forsale, or add my ONLY skype: konchamp@outlook.com
  3. A/W updated to more fit the stats. (dropped 20M)
  4. SKYPE: konchamp@outlook.com Stats: Restore Pool + Mage Pot for TB (55.85 cb) Login: Items: Most attack quests are finished for a pure. Offense history: My email is atttached. Will be changed to yours upon purchase. SB: 45M A/W: 60M Skype: Konchamp@outlook.com I AM ORIGINAL OWNER
  5. I used TeamCapes for 1-51 no issues
  6. Play legit for awhile and then bot again on a dif proxy/IP so you can unban again, ez
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