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  1. my bad i meant to say (soon tm) as a meme, I dont know when its coming -- edited out thanks
  2. -Finished rune -Between 35k and 45k points to spend -Still on tut in main game Could be made into an ironman with the leagues cosmetics and trophy or potentially save it for group ironman(soon tm) I know this is pretty niche but wondering if anyone had an idea of price
  3. how much is this worth right now? if i continued to 99 fishing? if i made into prod gmauler? if i got 99 strength? just a lil side project of mine lately
  4. thanks for the feedback guys. Gonna keep trying to find a username account that i did tut on at some point
  5. I'm looking to start a new project and am selecting an account for it. I have been going through my various accounts and was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the best option to use. Option 1: Very old username account, NEVER logged into osrs Option 2: Very old username account, HAS logged into osrs but HAS NOT completed tutorial island - upon completing tutorial, Hans shows the account as being 4000+ days old in OSRS time Option 3: 2 year old account, tutorial completed at creation What would you choose?
  6. LF quotes for 89 agility from 1 dont care if its botted or not (if botted i would like rested)
  7. https://i.imgur.com/USwK5dB.png 2.8m gold, full graceful + 200 marks, full rogues, bunch of supplies etc could also be de-ironed and made into a pure or something.
  8. lizzzerd

    found someone

    i gotchu bro check disc
  9. c/o 225m selling in an hour if nobody beats it
  10. Zulrah farm took a hit, currently in the process of making 8 mage only zulrah accounts but i fear i may need to sell some to pay for gear on the others looking for a pc on: 75 magic 70 def 60 prayer 51 agility regicide done
  11. fire blast tome of fire is op
  12. any other way? that sounds really resource intensive.
  13. Looking for more hmu
  14. looking for 6 more, request sent
  15. hand done, supplies would be provided
  16. 25 range 31 crafting 36 wc 10 fishing 10 cooking LF quotes per account pref people who can do more than 1
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