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Wilderness Buddy

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Project's Wilderness Buddy

Finally, a script that gives you a pk'ing advantage without jeopardizing your nice accounts!












What does this script do?

- This script is designed for people who are interested in Pk'ing (any type of mode) where you will gain an advantage over other users. The way it works is actually pretty simple. By using "Scouting accounts", you are able to have more eyes in the wilderness helping you stalk your prey. You can choose an area for your bot to grab player details at, and even make it walk randomly throughout the area you designated. It uses a Clan Chat system to communicate where players that match your description are located. The script is based off of combat levels to determine if you are able to attack a player. If a player matches your description, the player's username, combat level, current world, wilderness level, last seen coordinates, if they are skulled or not, if they are currently in combat or not and finally the total value of their gear they are currently wielding. It does all this WITHOUT risking your pk'ing account. You can simply use any throw away account to become your "Scout" and dominate the wilderness by yourself, or with a clan






Version 0.4:

* Fixed a NPE that occurred for some users

Version 0.3:

* Added a new safety check to make sure the bot does not have a space before the "/" 

Version 0.2:

* Added a “Do not move” option that will be for stationary locations that may be used on various Z axis

* Your users reported will now reset after hopping worlds

* Your players to report will reset after hopping worlds

* I have added some assistance when pausing or stopping the script so the bot does not keep reporting users

* Added the option to display usernames (Displaying player’s gear total might be cut off depending on how long the player’s username is. I can’t control this)


Version 0.1:

* minor fixes 

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