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  1. heeey it happened finally haha xD
  2. If you still need someone, add me for further price discussion discord: drapi#6270
  3. Add me in discord for further price discussion Discord : drapi#6270
  4. you should always bot with a proxy, so it doesn't even make a difference
  5. As always, impressive Chuckle
  6. if you don't want to go with me, go with @Dbuffed
  7. 120 fb and 4 years of being there isn't much? I'd have to disagree, especially when you take the fact into cosideration that 85% of my feedback is service related
  8. Hey, welcome to osbot ! Add me for further price discussion. Discord: drapi#6270 Skype: live:ironndead PS my advice, don't go with people with low rep ( for bigger orders and important accoutns)
  9. Zapraszam Discord : drapi#6270 Skype: live:ironndead
  10. 70-80M if reputable, u can't sell here tho
  11. drapi

    Hcim help

    Instead of buying private/premium scripts, just order some services for your HCIM ? don't bot accounts you don't want to lose
  12. drapi

    Full graceful

    Add me for further price discussion Discord : drapi#6270 Skype: live:ironndead
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