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Voucher not in email


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17 minutes ago, Muffins said:

Did you type in the correct email? Have you checked all email tabs? checked spam?

If the seller didn't type in the right email than that's the only way it could be incorrect. I told him the correct email and made sure everything was right.

I've checked everywhere. I also purchased it from @YoHoJo So I doubt he scammed me, he was the one who told me to pm an admin.

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1 hour ago, RoomScape said:

Are these all recent issues or long lasting issues? I haven't really had any issues purchasing vouchers and it comes in instantly. I normally use my PayPal and it deducts from my bank so not my PayPal balance or I just use my card.

I've never had this problem purchasing a voucher from someone, so this is a first. Just waiting for it to be fixed, I have the order number from the person I got it from.

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