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buying stocks and/or flipping bitcoin/eth

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Hey people,

My question is: how do I start investing my money?

There's a fields I'd like to work on

1)buying stocks

-where do I register, how do I tackle it , generally how do I get my feet off the ground

2) flipping cryptocurency

-do I set an account on some exchange website or I just buy it from my wallet and operate in that realms?


Thanks for any given help!

cheers, Tranzy3


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I purchase only Vanguard. Started this in high school with around only $8,000. I'm up to 15k now and climbing. Do some research in ETFs/index funds etc. ELI5: VTI is a total market stock which is valued based on how well overall the markets are and VYF has value in select interests like oil (I forget which specifically) and is based on how well they're doing BUT they also give a small dividend at the end of the year (like .04%?) which is nice. I hold these shares though, don't let go. 

My portfolio:




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