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[Gold Farm] Operation Hot Box

Logs, Detailed or Concise?   

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  1. 1. Would you like the logs I provide on this thread about my experience to be a brief quick summary or some kinda in-depth little write up?

    • TL;DR it you cuck! (Short)
    • Tell Us A Tale Of The Soul Good Sir! (Long)

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Revamping Hang On...

Daily Do's




Free from uni for like 3 months or so now, so happy.
(I mean i technically have my exams still but yolo)
Decided i could use that time to re-vamp everything i have laying around with everything i learnt since.
Spare coin never hurt anyone right.

  -  Work on webside first and organise databases/websockets/javascript/interfacing

  -  Found a nice CSS theme I like to make the web side purdy




had a lazy day really kinda just working on the website for the week so gotta get it outta the way.




  -  Login Secure Everything Web Side 
 (Sounds dumb but why go to the effort if randos wont find your site/sub urls tho right?)

  - Worked on login code/cookies/database for sessions




Made a list of things I gotta add to the live panel 




Login Page

Main dashboard
	- Online Accounts
	  -  View Inventory
	  -  View Bank
	  -  Current Method
	  -  Current Status
	  -  Logout
	  -  Change Method
	- Online Mules
	  -  Go Offline
	  -  Force Mule
	- Online Servers	
	- Profit Per Hour	
	- Time Until Muling	
	  - Mule Now Button
	  - Final Mule Now Button
	- Mule Profit History
	- Ban History
	- Daily Profit
	- Weekly Profit
	- Monthly Profit
  - Table of Active Accounts
		- Username
		- Method Profile
		- Latest Inventory
		- Latest Bank
		- Total Items Produced
		- Mule Now
  - Bot Profile Table
		- Bot Profile Form
  - Script Upload Form
  - New Server Form
  - Table of active servers
		- Issue Command
		- Update Scripts
		- List of Scripts
		- Running accounts
		- Running mules
		- Time started
+ Whatever else we think of in the mean time


Why are your dates not current?
I'm doing these a couple days after i've done something so i can look back and see what actually happened that day and not lie to myself about shit
Not like its important but decided to keep updating thread after starting working and decided i wanted to track it properly still :/



First brush panel design using the css i got on the first day trying to remember all the features and lay them out, not fully done nor final panel design but a good start to see what it'll look like
  - Layout stuff
  - Layout stuff



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1 minute ago, Antonio Kala said:

Why does it have to be limited to your own physical server? Why can't you expand to rented dedicated  servers in the future with similar specs?

Operating system atm?

I have been renting in the past and don't feel i can get the level of optimization I can achieve with full access to the machine.
Currently on Windows because master race

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