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  1. has 32 QP now finished merlins crystal
  2. its mainly cause im about to run out of members xD and dont have enough for a bond
  3. As title states, its just a random account im using while testing quests I have made. Unregistered, you could create the email and then you would own the original email as well, its not in use. Pics: Thanks for the comments !
  4. is this a paid thing ? or is this something we can add for free ?
  5. Id say it all comes back down to fb how active etc, cause if ya seem like a nice lad and your active if it gets stolen etc you can help me recover, but if ya have no feedback or anything id rather it not be and just call it a loss, agreed ?
  6. just walk it around in a circle, will eventually work, find its more efficient to do it that way
  7. @Muffins best in the business got 2 computers made from his builds
  8. once again comes back to type of bike, brand of bike, how much bike costs. I was a professional bmxer... the more you spend on a bike the less maintenance it needs.
  9. i know right 4 post count, no coding skills just money upfront 0o
  10. its a long fun road to play with tho, just a lot of time and effort to get it going good
  11. yes yes im very old, older even
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