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[CLEAN/70,000,000 UNIQUE IPS] Tut completed [BULK][59K ea] + Trade Restriction Removal [1,000+ IN STOCK]


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Looking to start selling some tutorial island complete fresh level 3's with unregistered emails.


Info about the accounts:

Accounts have tutorial island complete and are standing in the spawn area.

Emails have not been verified (You can register to your email if you like)

Randomly generated names (Can be custom upon request)

Left on a cool down period if requested

Guaranteed no locks. If there is a lock, I will replace it with two free accounts

I'm the original owner


FRESH off tutorial island account prices:

1-100 Accounts - 89k each

100-999 Accounts -74k each

1000+ Accounts: 59K each (Please give adequate notice, in case another client recently bought a large package)

24h+ ingame w/ trade restrictions lifted account prices:

You've always heard that the first 24 hours of online time for an account are much more likely to get you banned for botting, and it's very true. All accounts are placed during increased scrutiny during their first ingame hours. Below are prices for accounts that have been idled in game with my personal private idler script for 25h+. Not only does this bypass the trade restriction without the need for completing 7QP thus lowering your banrate on any F2p script.. But my proprietary software will put 25 LEGIT looking fully undetectable hours onto your bot to give it the competitive edge you need to get maximum profit. This is the EXACT same script I use on my own personal main with > 1B bank when I idled on w45 to buy/sell items for hundreds of hours :D Don't fool around using "7QP" scripts that waste your botting hours and flag your account, instead let me do the work for you and actually increase the longevity of your bots!

1-100 Accounts - 499K each

100+ Accounts -399k each

Stock availability: 150 accounts per day. To ensure that I am not out of stock when your needs arise, please notify me 24H in advance if you want idled accounts. 

Payment methods accepted:


Note: Convert RSGP to USD at 1M:$1, for prices in BTC.


Trading conditions:

After purchase you have 1 hour to report a ban/lock for a free replacement. After 1 hour I am not responsible for any locks or bans.

All accounts i give you are unused.

If you desire an account to be recovered, it will not be possible due to them being made on different IP's.

I will not recover/use any accounts sold

You will go first, or we will use a middleman

Trial accounts remaining: 0 / 100 Sorry guys they're all gone!

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3 hours ago, uta said:

I would like some free acounts :boge:


but i dont think you can give away acounts for free for feedback

Is this true?? :s Maybe not "feedback" per se.. Just a recognition that I am indeed generating accounts. Haha. Pmed you 10 accs.

2 hours ago, Adept said:

Interested. PM'd you.

Pmed 20 accounts

3 hours ago, Chris said:

Would like a vouch copy

Pmed 10 accounts

2 hours ago, DrDu said:

vouch wud like copy thnx

Pmed 10 accounts

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2 hours ago, The Undefeated said:

Gimme those free accounts. :)

I'll vouch it.


Pmed 10 accounts

1 hour ago, paper said:

ill test em gimme here fam

Pmed 10 accounts

1 hour ago, Convergence said:

I'll take some trial accounts.


  Reveal hidden contents



Pmed 10 accounts 

2 hours ago, Lewis said:

gl with sales :D may the race to the bottom commence 

I'm still giving them away for FREE man please don't lower your prices already xDDD Just tell em its a private script they'll go for it!!

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Well the trial accounts he gave me aren't banned, all out of tutorial island. everythings good. totally worth buying. One complaint is that there's no character randomization (you really need this if ur mass selling accs imo) so you are fresh off the press bob accounts. Also, the ones he gave me were a random string of numbers. But he said you can customize the acc names, hopefully he has word+number generation not just random strings.


At his price with words+numbers fuck yea these accs are awesome worth buyin for sure


edit: @dmmslaver I also reccomend not selling accounts at all unless they have had a 1 day cd, fk this opt in bullshit. its just bad business practice even tho they probly arent gonna get banned

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