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  1. Idk what every1 else in this thread talkin bout but you can get with a little effort of scooping arround ebay for under $750 and craigslist a 13inch macbook pro 2015.. i was using it until last year, perfectly good enough specs and pre decent battery life even on a used 1 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/EARLY-2015-MACBOOK-PRO-13-RETINA-A1502-2-7Ghz-8GB-RAM-128GB-SSD-OFFICE-2016-/162591609125?hash=item25db371125:g:6gkAAOSwpHFZaRQ~
  2. Minnows are only 500K an hour aren't they?
  3. DrDu


    nioce, im nearly 100
  4. FINAL UPDATE had a good run but RIP BANNED @ 90str , last pic of stats i had i did manage to cash out tho USERNAME REVEAL: https://clips.twitch.tv/BombasticCarelessFrogFUNgineer
  5. DrDu

    Need 7 Quests Done

    @DyQuest is doing this
  6. DrDu

    Need 7 Quests Done

    I could buy a better gpu for 69m added
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