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  1. Hi Everyone Here i have my old main i no longer play therefore looking to sell to supply my current main with GP Looking to start selling the account at 250m - AW / 800m Payment Accecpted - OSRS GP i am the OO - email and pw will be changed to yours upon purchase. Trading Conditions - You first - Can use a middleman at your fee. stats Quests Bank Nothing in the bank or untradeables. Bans
  2. Https://discord.gg/BaodGP-New A deposit of 400m/Paypal/Crypto must be made if we get back to you. You will only be trusted on accounts with no greater wealth than your deposit. You may increase your deposit once you've Earned the amount in jobs. Your Deposit Will be lost if anything happens on your watch and removed from the services. PAYMENTS Deposit (% cuts) 400m deposit- when you have earnt 100m you pay 25% Cut ( on 100m ) 600m deposit- when you have earnt 100m you pay 20% cut ( on 100m ) 800m deposit- when you have earnt 100m you pay 15% cut ( on 100m ) 1000m deposit- when you have earnt 100m you pay 10% cut ( on 100m ) YOU CAN CLAIM ANY AMOUNT/ANY TIME DEPOSIT DEPENDANT Worker Application: PLEASE SEPORATE ANSWERS FROM QUESTIONS! ========================== Name: Time zone: 1. Do you have any IRL commitments? 2. How many hours a day do you play? 3. How many days a week do you play? 4. Things you are capable of? i.e mini games, skilling, nmz 5. Why should i hire you? 6. Tell me a bit about yourself. 7. If I were your supervisor and asked you to do something that you disagreed with, what would you do? 8. What attracted you to this service? 9. What are your weaknesses as an employee? 10. What can you do for us that other candidates can’t? 11. What kind of goals would you have in mind if you got this job? 12. What are you good at In-game and what do you enjoy to do most? You WILL have a constant flow of work TERMS OF SERVICE -1. You are required to change your password prior to services being handled. -2. No tickets or information will be handled outside of your opened ticket. This is to protect you, and our staff. -3. All information in your ticket is completely private to only Owner/Admin/Worker Manager and yourself. -4. You must post a picture of your account stats when you open a ticket prior to getting a quote. -5. All pre-quest and skill requirements must be done or you will be charged for the quests/skills needed to complete your job. -6. All items for the quest must be purchased, or 350k must be left on the account so that we can purchase the items needed from the GE. -7. If our personal items (weapons/armor etc.) must be borrowed for the quest there is a 400k fee charged. -8. Ironman accounts will only be done if all items and quests needed for your job are acquired/completed Discount lvl 1 (2%) Gold Buyers - Returning only. Discount lvl 2 (4%) Minigame, Questing, Firecapes (50m + orders) Discount lvl 3 (6%) Minigame, Questing, Firecapes (OSBOT) Discount lvl 4 (8%) Minigame, Questing, Firecapes (100m+ orders) Discount lvl 5 (10%)Minigame, Questing, Firecapes (Server Boosters) CONTACT INFORMATION Discord Username: Baod#3924 [Copy&Paste] Unique Discord ID:498543103381340170
  3. Mort Myre Fungus Ready Accounts Stock: 0 Price: 3m each Stats: Quests: Bank (200k - 400k): Bans: I am the original owner. These accounts will not come with access to original email, however I will be happy unlock or unlink the account upon your request.
  4. 1. Pictures of the account stats https://imgur.com/gallery/m07EUDK 2. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) None. 3. Pictures of the quests completed https://imgur.com/gallery/XgkN9I8 4. The price you will be starting bids at Offer - Want the account gone. 5. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account 15m 6. The methods of payment you are accepting Osrs gp. 7. Your trading conditions You go first or we use a MM. I will go first with extremely trusted members. Private message/reply with offers. Or discord: bears#6070 8. Pictures of the account status https://imgur.com/gallery/tETpOBC 9. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address Original owner - account never been botted. Account entirely trained by hand over 1+ years. Selling the account as I haven’t used it within the last 2 years and pking isn’t for me. If you want to know anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask. discord: bears#6070
  5. Im interested in selling my maxed main as I have lost all interest in playing the game (and if I was gonna start again I would prob play an ironman) - Not much to say, the account is entirely hand-played by me and was maxed over a period of about 18 months. - Traded off all the gold after I maxed so the account has little to no wealth, but most untradables (not infernal and music cape mainly, and some other cosmetics. ). All achievement diaries are completed. - House is decent but not perfect (no occult altar mainly, and no nexus). -I do have a few pets that I would consider "cool", such as Herbi and the beaver, as well as the RC pet The account has not been played almost at all since I maxed which was before the summer. Does anyone even buy maxed accounts? Im not looking for anything crazy, as I dont particularly care about the account even though I had alot of fun while maxing it. I also have access to the original email if that matters. Any help would be appreciated! (Would also appreciate any tips on selling, such as where to do so and payment methods etc. Not very experienced in this regard)
  6. How popular are blast furnace acc . what do you guys think are popular acc to build ?
  7. Just want a value in gp for my account. Thanks! loads of quests , all prayers and avernic defender along with void , torso , barrow gloves , beserker ring (i) , fire cape , whip tentacle and a few diaries done. no offences on the account. great account to aim for max.
  8. Hi everyone, A while back I wanted to make a zerker/voider NHer but lately I have not been able to properly play RS so I decided I will sell it. The account still has a while to go if you are going for MM2 etc but the base things are done. Everything is trained by HAND, no botting bans ofcourse. PRICE IS ALWAYS NEGOTIABLE I am the original owner, upon purchase the buyer WILL receive the original email that is attached to the account. If you are interested please comment or contact me on discord #mert0619 1. Pictures of the account stats. 2. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) 3. Pictures of the quests completed 4. The price you will be starting bids at. 20m gp 5. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account. 70m gp 6. The methods of payment you are accepting. 07 GP ONLY 7. Your trading conditions. You first or use middleman. 8. Pictures of the account status
  9. 1. STATS 2. TOTAL WEALTH 34M 3. QUESTS COMPLETED 4. Bids starting at: 175M 5. Autowin: 300M 6. Accepting OSRS GP 7. Am negotiable in the order we do things, worst case scenario, you organize a Middle Man 8. ACCOUNT STATUS 9. I am the Original Owner and this account comes with the original email address. Notable items: Phoenix Pet Imbued slayer helm Fire cape Quested to dragon Gloves (Picture will only show rune gloves, wasn't going to waste 130k on +1 stats) Blessed body, chaps and vambs Has an AWESOME username, is a very notable NPC If you have any questions, discuss here or add me on Discord. Bryc e#8271
  10. I'am fairly new to this and wanted to know how much this account is worth and what are the requirements to sell accounts.
  11. Going to keep this short and sweet, I’m in the market for the levelling of a few skills on one of my accounts need to find the right hand levelling applicant, whom won’t get me banned for using NMZ scripts etc. First task: 97-99 Magic. Please post: Price, Time Frame, Rep
  12. I`m WTS these 3 accounts, Please feel free to make any offer account #1 A/W= 180M sold account #2 A/W=170M sold account #3 A/W=170M sold First account Second account Third account
  13. Welcome to my bot farm I am going to keep it simple and hopefully motivate/help some of you people who have been thinking about it. Current state of farm: i manage all my bots with Expl bot manger i use 1 proxy per two accounts. i have been running my method daily for 5 hours on 4 accounts and running two side accounts as experiments with different skills currently i cannot seem to find a great method to run. my method brings about 200k a hour so if you have a method willing to give it to me PM me:) DAILY GOALS 5M/DAY 10M/Day 25M/Day 50M/DAY UPDATE: got a private script made for me to automate my method but still struggling to find a new method.
  14. MAX Zerker Account Max melee Staker Account
  15. 80 Range 80 Mage 70 Defence/50 Attack/50 Strength 52 Prayer Avas/God Cape imbued 52 Agility Regicide Questline done NMZ quested thanks for the help
  16. looking for price 205 Quest Points all up the hand SELL pm me only discord. PROBLEMINHA#6143
  17. 1. Pictures of the account stats 2. Pictures of the login details 3. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) 4. Pictures of the quests completed All F2P quests, Death Plateau, Dwarf Cannon, Fight Arena, Fishing Contest, Fremennik Trials, Grand Tree, Haunted Mine, Lost City, Priest in Peril, Gnome Tree Village, Waterfall Quest, What Lies Below, Witch's House, Troll Champion from Troll Stronghold, Rock Cake from Recipe for Disaster (NMZ trained to 99 so it has all those important quests) 5. The price you will be starting bids at 200M 6. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account 250M 7. The methods of payment you are accepting RSGP 8. Your trading conditions You go first or we use a middle man 9. Pictures of the account status 10. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address @Keven is the original owner and creator of the account. He sold it to me about a year ago and transferred the accounts email address to mine. I have been the only other owner of the account. I do not possess the original email but I know what it is.
  18. Hey guys after a round about price and time frame for a pure with 60 att 90 strength 90 ranged 1 def 75 magic monkey madness for skimmy done also. all hand done no offenses, need quote and approximate timeframe
  19. Looking for a rushing account pref 50-60 att with mm done if 60 att, 80+ str, and 82-94 magic with dt done. mith gloves would be nice and death plateau complete please post or pm with stats and quests completed with a price
  20. Haven't been active in a while but wanted to get back scripting/farming and I found an old file with ~5000 accounts. no way I was going to check them manually so I wrote a script that checks each account for its status. Currently only supports: Account disabled Account locked Account active (logs in) Invalid login details If you get any other login error the script will most likely crash, however I don't know of any other errors that happen regularly. If you have any suggestions let me know I'll add them in. How to use Create a file called "accounts.txt' in your OSBot/Data folder. This file holds all of your accounts. WARNING: If you want to keep a list of all your accounts together make sure to back it up because the accounts will be deleted from "accounts.txt" along the way! The file should be the following format: user:pass user:pass user:pass user:pass user:pass Now you can run the script. You have to run the script with CLI, because norandoms is required. java -jar "path/to/OSBot.jar" -login user:pass -bot x:y:0000 -world 83 -script NaaizBanChecker:0 -allow norandoms The script will cycle through all accounts divide them into 4 groups: Active Banned Invalid Locked The accounts will be placed in their respective text files in the OSBot/Data folder. You do NOT need to create these files beforehand. Script will stop when the "accounts.txt" file has no more accounts in it. There is a known bug which causes the script to skip out on the last account in the file, which is being worked on. If you run into any problems let me know and I'll fix them asap. Download: Here Changelog: v1.00 15/4/2018 - Initial release v1.01 15/4/2018 - You can now have colons in your password. v1.02 15/4/2018 - Script now waits 5 minutes if it gets the error of too many login attempts. v1.03 some bugfixes
  21. I wonder hm does it worth https://imgur.com/a/dwg1YSX https://imgur.com/a/7Ahe126
  22. I'm quitting OSRS because of LIFE, - This is an Old Print Screen - No ofenses recorded - Fire Cape, 223 QP (dragon slayer 2 and monkey madness 2 done), Elite Void Set, Rogues outfit, Ava's Assembler, Full grace Brimhaven blue; - Ornate Pool on POH + Fairy Ring + Complete menagerie + Occult Altar - 99 Agility and Ranged - As you can see on photo, Hard Western Provinces done and Hard Kandarin, Med ardougne also done, all the rest isn't complete. - Skotizo and Rocky pets
  23. As the title says, looking to buy a Fortnite account with the skull trooper skin. Can pay with any of the following rs gold/rs accounts/paypal. Hit me up with prices if you're interested. Cheers Menzo.
  24. Cam's Gold Shop $0.75/£0.55 Per M Currently Accepting: BTC/PayPal (I can deny you service if I dont feel comfortable with the trade)/Other Crypto's SKYPE = BYRECOIL Trusted Member = I Go First As I am new, I will being doing all trades that are not with trusted members, through a trusted middle man ORDER FORM Gold Amount: Payment Method: Best Way To Contact You: Vouches
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