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  1. got vip and it prioritised it
  2. Looking for a quote on a fresh level 3 (Bonded) Do Waterfall quest 30-50 Attack 1-50 Ranged 1-50 Magic
  3. probs checking if certains quests complete for webwalker short cuts
  4. he dont need to use hes pin solver.. if its stored on osbot in the acc selector screen, then use osbots pin solver thats built into scripts? dont see why it wouldnt work if theres a pin stored?
  5. Lewis


    ill service accs for you, you cover bonds and supplies. pm me
  6. add me on dc: Lewis#6557
  7. what method for def and magic you looking to have done?
  8. Sold him gp and got paid instantly! great trader!
  9. task manager is what ive always used, and even so i cant see why same script now uses more ram compared to 3 days ago
  10. once again, its not on there... this is exact same script 0 change using more now than before
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