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Should I make an ironman?

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So i feel the nostalgia is gone for me its completely worn out & now doing things on a main account seem to be quite boring for me.
I don't like PKing & PvM isn't that exciting on a normal account, does ironman make the game more interesting? or does ironman make the game worse?
I find I need some new goals and inspiration in the game and I have a feeling that Ironman might be it...

Who else has an ironman and who can be bothered typing their opinion on ironmen for me?

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3 minutes ago, Parsen said:

nobody has given me any reason as to why I should or shouldn't make one lmfao

Honestly I enjoy ironman mode... for a while.

The thing I enjoy about RS the most is creating accounts and grinding them but when i get to a certain stage i get bored and sell the accs.

I'm on my 4th ironman at the moment, 2 of them I got b gloves on and got to reasonable nice accounts, both got deironed and sold.

third one I got to like 83 mining had a nice cash stack and started questing b gloves then deironed and turned into a zulrah acc.


if you like grinding and doing things at your own pace and not submitting to "Efficiency" playing, then sure. ironman will be for you.

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