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anyone else got this message?

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3 hours ago, sampla said:

your home ip?

yes its my home ip :D

2 hours ago, tranzystor3 said:

What did you do? sell drugs to kids over runescape?

Seriously: Maybe you talked some trash ingame too many times?

I doubt its connected to botting.

the only thing I do with runescape is botting it

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Yes I know what it is. Although I've never received that message (since I haven't broken the rules as badly as you have), it is a message that Jagex uses to ban someone permanantly from their game without them being able to log back on. This is a message I'm pretty sure Jagex uses to symbolise that you have one of these 3 bans applied:

-IP banning (Banning based on your unique Internet Protocol Address)

-MAC banning (Banning based on your unique Media Access Control Address)

-HW banning (Banning based on your unique Hardware Address)

I do not know what you could have done that could have made Jagex ban you in this manner but you obviously violated the TOS repeatedly making them hate you that bad lmao.

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