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  1. I'd definitely recommend the SSD setup, when RAM get's tight, windows (or linux) will have a better time swapping the memory onto the disk Edit: From my experience, I was able to run 30 ish clients on the dual 5639 node and about 70 on the dual E5-2670 rig. Note that this was ran with low-cpu enabled and with extremely optimized code.
  2. Nocix and WholeSaleInternet are the same company. They are located in the same datacenter. I've used WSI for the larger part of my goldfarming career with the similar configuration you've posted. Don't expect instant support, but the hardware is dirt cheap. Aaron (owner) is a great dude https://www.wholesaleinternet.net/dedicated/
  3. "Reputable sources" - Don't make me laugh. If you think that a "Reputable source" does everything they say on their homepage, you're in for a surprise. You're better off getting services from a starting out business that is doing their best to gain and maintain new customers than a large organization that shifted their focus to minimizing expenses because growth became tough
  4. He a cool guy, good to have you on this community

  5. There is a reason why ProxyFish charges what he does, don't 'pull random shit out of your ass' when you have no facts or data to back up your statements
  6. Thanks, changed the reflection parameter description. Does enabling the parameter just enable you to use reflection within your classes? If so, glad that I just found out
  7. I've found myself occasionally looking for those across various release threads, so I decided to merge them into this thread. Let me know if I missed any -mem: Maximum amount of memory in megabyes. -login: username:password (Osbot login). -bot: username:password:bankpin or username:password:0000 for no bankpin (Runescape login). -world: Start in world x. -proxy: ip:port or username:password:ip:port. -script: scriptid:parameters or localscriptname:parameters. -debug: portnumber (leave empty for 5005). This redirects your log output -allow: comma seperated options: reflection: Enables reflection norandoms: Disable all event handlers including login. lowcpu: Enable low CPU mode. nointerface: Run as a background process without UI. -data: 0 or 1: Submit statistics to OSBot. Usage: java -jar osbot.jar -login abuse:password -world 383 -bot mybot:mypass:0000 -mem 1024 -proxy username:pass: -script goldmaker:makemoney -allow norandoms,lowcpu -Abuse
  8. Is it me or did jagex force us to use a client?
  9. Much appreciated Best of luck to you too!
  10. getBank().getSlot("My item"); Is what you're looking for
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