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  1. Hey, I have been doing this order for ByEngland and was about to complete the first order. The order was 91-95 defense and I have achieved 94 defense yesterday before logging off. To quicken the process I handed the job over to one of my workers to complete. Seeing that the worker has breached contract and has done suspicious activity on a client's account I will be keeping his deposit and reimbursing ByEngland for the uncompleted work and the missing item. As for the account its self, if it is banned within 48 hours, I will reimburse ByEngland for the price of the account.
  2. Upgrade trident of sea -> Trident of Swamp Bring an Occult necklace + fury and switch
  3. Welcome Aboard! Your application has been accepted, all information has been provided through discord.
  4. Crime


    I've seen that message way too many times to be surprised
  5. To keep my prices competitive, I can give you the price via Skype. Will be able to do this Skype: live:crimevip_1
  6. Crime

    Buying NMZ acc

    I can make several of these for you Will add you on skype
  7. Click on the settings in the OSBot client -> Options -> Check "Dismiss all randoms"
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