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  1. @Khaleesi's Tutorial Island is not broken actually. Secondly, I've spoken to the guy on Skype. He is very legit. If you buy the script and find a bug he'll fix it in under 15 minutes. If your not going to buy a script then don't expect it to work. Only the people who sell scripts will help you. The free one's won't work as well because the scripters who develop free scripts don't get anything out of it and therefore cannot bring motivation to themselves. These premium top of the range scripters are receiving money for your purchase and therefore want to help you as it would be unfair to purchase a script and it ending up not working.
  2. Hello OSBot, I'd like to start off by introducing myself. I am Seraphic. I have joined here since 2013 however I recently got my account back. I have decided to become more active on OSBot as I recently got abused by Sythe staff again as I pardoned and they banned me even after my pardon was accepted for evading. I mentioned it in my Sythe pardon however I am done with the abusive staff over at Sythe. I am now moving here to OSBot. Would you like me to do any advertisement? If so I can gladly get some intro's made and start advertising OSBot on my YouTube channel if any of the mods/admins here want me to do that. Thanks, Seraphic
  3. You know Java? Fantastic! Apply to become a Level 1 Scripter!
  4. Welcome to OSBot where we buy out Jagex's Golden Gnome pub!
  5. I used no breaks however I only used the bot for between 3-4 hours per day.
  6. YOU CANNOT prevent locked accounts. What you can do however is RECOVER the accounts and rebot them on the diff ip. This would mean the account would register on the new ip and you can continue to use it on a proxy.
  7. Do not bother unless you do not mind being perm banned.
  8. HaHa noob I got lifetime sponsor, you are still veteran only lawl.

  9. Thats right. I didn't buy the vouchers via PayPal. I bought the vouchers via BTC.
  10. @Realist gives an amazing discount on BTC vouchers. Buy from him!
  11. Hello OSBot Staff, I recently purchased myself this brand new amazing rank called Lifetime Sponsor. Because I purchased it with Vouchers rather than PayPal, I cannot seem to cancel it. This means I need it cancelled because I do not want to purchase VIP because I already have this rank. There is no need for me to have the VIP anymore. I was wondering if someone like an Administrator can cancel it so I can keep this rank and my account credit. Thanks Seraphic.
  12. Sure it'll cost you 25-30M Let me know if interested.
  13. So just so I understand Your looking for an account with 1 skill 40-50+ And another skill which is 10+?
  14. Lol you pmed me on Skype. I told you to stop coming on OSBot and go livestream on Twitch man. You need to replace N4N0 and you need to compete in the CSGO tournaments. HMU when your in. I'll be ready to watch. Right now I'm out so I'll be back tomorrow.
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