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1. I didn't lure or kill him. I told him about the pyramid as a way to make money at the start. I had just gone through alkharid and he asked me if it was clear so I said yes. Yet apparently he died. He then logged out so I put the "I lured dbuffed for 9 crafting" joke post under my picture as I thought he rage quit. 


My account at pyramid is 8 combat which I use to fund my main.

My main account was efficiently questing waterfall/tree gnome fight arena ect.


2. You told me ingame you were flipping fishing rods because you had died previously, I presumed with the 10k.


3. I wasn't on skype as it was making my game lag.  & I wasn't on Osbot cause it was xp waste and I wanted to get everything done quick. I came on at like 10pm when I was going to bed and had like 14 notifications.


4. I even offered to give you 50k seeing as it's not much money to me as you can make it in 20 minutes at pyramid.


5. Decode/Zerker are still generously, paying back a private deal and why on earth would I risk a lot of money over 50k.


 5. It's a Shame you've called a witch hunt on me when I thought you were my friend.



And if anyone's playing Seasonals feel free to an Xericano if you need help or whatever. (Stay out of multi) :kappa:




Confirmed jackass.



Man you're stupid



OoooOOoooOoooOooOoOoOOOooo snap



That's uh... pretty douchey.






RIP Dbuffed



You must be real fun at parties



'Hi community, I'm a dick!'
*slow clap*


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