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  1. Gellie

    Corn dogs

    gotta bake em in the oven. I used to microwave mine until my friend showed me how I have been living my entire life incorrectly
  2. stop trying to merch me
  3. ^ .93 - $1 depending on how much you have
  4. Any bans? Id say like 130m if no bans
  5. He disputed it on sythe... lmao
  6. try, try, and try again. This time use private scripts :P
  7. You lose it if you trade the 2 in. If you just pay the $150 (because you already donated $100) you'll keep lifetime sponsor
  8. I was twc longer than you and now im $250 donor
  9. ^ paying 600k each. Can be botted but must have been cool'd down for 2 days. paying 1.2m for 60wc
  10. Bear in mind I will be paying significantly less, if you have one with a ban meter of some sort (not perm of course) and you haven't botted it any further in the past 2 working days then please contact me with stats, quests, wealth & price you are expecting I do not want good pures/zerks/max mains & I'm not paying any extra for account age/rsn 5M Budget Contact me via: Skype (in sig) Chatbox Forum PM Thanks c:
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