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Banned already?

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Yo what's up everyone, So i really wanted to get into this Botting scene and Run a Gold faring Operation So i've bought 4 Ip proxy, Vip, And a Payed Script (Plank making script)

Everything was going well, Ran for 4 hours and i decided i would transfer the money to a mule but when i went to chance worlds i Instantly got disconnected and My accounts got disabled Can someone explain this to me and tell me if i had my Proxy set up correct?


Gf all of my money. Spent all my Gp on Bonds and supplies for my Bots

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All I can say is do more search before you continue deeper.


I am still a very big noob when it comes to gold farming in comparison to others but I do see some main key errors with how you were running your setup.


1. Don't use a money making method that generally known to be botted, and already gets many people banned (like plank making)


2. Kinda goes hand-in-hand with #1, choose your time/risk vs reward.  Some money making methods will require you to have little to no requirements, causing you to start making profit on a new account very quickly, but also meaning it's most likely WAY more popular for many bots to be doing this already.



************************NEVER SPEND ALL OF YOUR MONEY ON SUPPLIES/BONDS******************

As long as you have 6M+, you should never spend all of your money on bonds/supplies.

IF you can't buy another bond, you risk putting yourself in the situation you are now, literally one bond is all you ever need to get yourself running again






Honestly, read juggles guide, spend time in the chat box, and take advice from higher ups here, most will steer you in the right direction

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