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  1. This guy recovered an old account he sold to me 3-4 years ago. 

  2. 2pac

    Buying 500m 07

    I’ll hyu tmw after 5 central it that’s cool. Off for the night.
  3. 2pac

    Buying 500m 07

    Bump. Can purchase using bitcoin or PayPal whatever is preferred
  4. 2pac

    Buying 500m 07

    Add me on discord
  5. Buying 500m 07 pm me on osbot or discord. Msg ur rate and we can go from there. discord- ransom#0669 can purchase via bitcoin thru coin base or via PayPal whatever is preferred.
  6. Damn that sucks lost my main years ago and quit for a while because of it.
  7. Pm me ur rate.
  8. Got 40mil in stock msg me for prices min I'll go is 1$
  9. you sound like him maybe another hidden ip check him mods lol jk but still check
  10. why was he banned if you dont mind me asking you can pm me if needed!
  11. https://gyazo.com/24ec0ab034d5b5798cab8412b4cc545f fucking scammer lol
  12. this forum is danker!!! dont come here with that bs homie lol enjoy your time here
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