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  1. 400-500 is quite a bit. Maybe cut it down to <100m per 2-4 weeks if it's an account you really care about. Just make it seem like you're a casual gold purchaser. And no, your alt account's activity will not affect your main in any way even under the same IP.
  2. Create an account using your home ip and then bot the account using a proxy, and then try recovering it. If your accounts were created and botted on the same ip just forget about it lol. Wait 3 years.
  3. The high survival rate is true imo. I know just under a dozen of people of got infected, and they said it was like a mild cold. But, they are also young, which may have played a part. I personally received the vaccine, because my country and my school requires it unless I want to go through a bunch of BS. I didn't have any side effects aside from a sore arm, but this may differ case by case. I also found it very weird that Covid received so much attention when its behaviour is very similar to stuff like influenza. I have a theory why that may be, but I don't want to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist so I'll let it slide lol.
  4. To my knowledge, no major botting clients support RS3. Except one, but it's a pain in the ass to create the scripts and not suitable for goldfariming. PM if you want to know the name of the platform.
  5. Apologies, allow me to correct my wording. Instead of optimal, let me use unique. I correctly have my own set of breaks, settings, scripts, that I use, that are unique to me and my bots. Jagex's detection system is like a web, they use lots, and lots of variables. One thing I know they use is reaction timing in between actions, which I tested a while back. They may also use mouse movements, click-points, but who knows. Khaleesi has great anti-pattern built within the script like human-idles, but his scripts are still not invincible. Also, I don't want to sound aggressive in anyway, I love these discussions. Not trying to be an asshole. I think this is an interesting thread.
  6. I think you're on the right track, but I believe detection come not only from botting habits, but from input itself, like reaction times, click-points, mouse speed, etc. And to add on to the bot detection plug-in, I would like to point out that it's BS. I currently have over 10 accounts with 95% plus bot certainity, and I always bot in populated worlds, and I'm certain the plug-in sent those accounts to Jagex. It's been over a month, and I've already sold off a couple. A number of no-life OSRS players or players who make money on their alts have super high bot certainity ratings. They won't get banned. The plug-in sounds good on paper but you can't ban players based on their exp gains.
  7. ^^ This exactly. Once you find the so called "optimal" (scripts, proxies, breaks, and botting durations) and everyone starts copying the optimal botting habit, it will no longer be viable anymore lol. Look at what happened to birdhouses. The optimal situation is to find something that works and keep it a secret. Once Jagex detects thousands of bots doing the same activity with the same breaks, same botting sessions, the activity you're doing is done for.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by a tracking feature? You mean something that could track user's botting habits like breaks, proxies, etc? I'm sorry but although I see why someone would want that info, I don't see it drastically decreasing ban rates.
  9. Completely possible, but "good proxys" won't save you. If you want to test this out, try botting 24/7 on your home IP. Good proxies, with a script that isn't overly used by the public (ie:private script), would possibly allow accounts to last a longgg time. You need the two together to be successful.
  10. I second this ^^. Jagex rarely throws RWT bans, and when they do, they usually have substantial evidence to back it up because it's unappealable.
  11. Botting will always lead to a ban, and breaks and quests simply delay the inevitable. "I got banned clean ip never botted anything else" posts with no context on the user's botting habit doesn't provide any value, and is an attempt to smear the script's reputation.
  12. It'll come, but don't have high hopes. The "botting hive AI" or whatever sounds like a whole load of poo poo. Only thing I'm somewhat hopeful for is their "personification tech" which is already implemented by other clients.
  13. I get many multi-week delayed bans, def very common to get one month delayed bans.
  14. runescapegoldmarket is reliable and reasonably price. Not the cheapest gold on the market but they've been around for a loonnggg time.
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