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  1. I second this ^^. Jagex rarely throws RWT bans, and when they do, they usually have substantial evidence to back it up because it's unappealable.
  2. Botting will always lead to a ban, and breaks and quests simply delay the inevitable. "I got banned clean ip never botted anything else" posts with no context on the user's botting habit doesn't provide any value, and is an attempt to smear the script's reputation.
  3. It'll come, but don't have high hopes. The "botting hive AI" or whatever sounds like a whole load of poo poo. Only thing I'm somewhat hopeful for is their "personification tech" which is already implemented by other clients.
  4. I get many multi-week delayed bans, def very common to get one month delayed bans.
  5. runescapegoldmarket is reliable and reasonably price. Not the cheapest gold on the market but they've been around for a loonnggg time.
  6. Proxies and the other nitty gritty stuff aside, breaks have a big impact on bans. For instance, for something like bank standing herblore, a break every ~10 minutes would allow an account to gain much more exp than one that doesn't break at all. But the biggest factor is to try a bunch of different stuff that may seem redundant until you see your bots surviving a substantially longer time, and then keeping what you found a secret and keeping those gainz
  7. You had a good run, 1-81, while doing nothing but agility is pretty damn good.
  8. Very close to zero. As I've told people before, Jagex is aware that more than half their player base buys gold. It won't be in their interest to ban real players who buy gold to play the game. That being said, they do like throwing in RWT bans to botters to deny a future appeal. I purchase anywhere from 30-50m gold on my main every two weeks or so for the last 5-6 years and I've yet to receive a ban. However, some of my bots have received RWT probably from being traced from my mule.
  9. Extremely high. It's been overused for many months, and they've cracked down on this method. It was a beautiful farm to run before though. I think they have people manually checking bird house bots now, because I've tried running a couple and they get banned within a week or two.
  10. Jagex doesn't ban gold buyers. Forget all the nonesense about drop trading/staking if you're just planning on buying gold for your main. They have stated before that over half of all players have participated in RWT. They aren't going to ban half the entire player base. A mod was asked in the past of why buyers aren't getting banned, and he explained that buyers are different as they buy to play the game, not to profit from it. I've bought probably a couple hundred million OSRS over the past few years for supplies and bonds, and I've been fine. (I dont want "just trade it, you wont get ba
  11. You botted agility for four hours and you're surprised you got a ban?
  12. Don't bot tut island and keep botting sessions short for the first 24 hours of your bots life. I've never witnessed an increase in bans due to previous bans on the same proxy. I would build anywhere from 5-10 accounts on a single proxy, and bans wouldn't affect the other accounts whatsoever. Try to alter your bots behavior for the first 24 hours, because I do not believe your proxy is flagged, as there would be a lot of locks and instabans.
  13. Good proxies aren't cheap. You can buy cheaper proxies from the black market, but expect your accounts to have a much shorter life span. Instead of finding cheaper proxies to increase your profit per bot, you should be learning how to bot more efficiently.
  14. It's def possible. If people could bot a max acct on normal mode, same could be done for an ironman. The best advice I could give is to hand train until you have base 30-40 stats until botting. And if you don't want to hand train at all, to switch tasks very often.
  15. Are you running a big bot farm? If you're botting 2-3 accounts use your home ip. I've been account building on my home ip for the past two years without running into any chain bains/increased ban rates.
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