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  1. hi, it keeps getting stuck at alkharid gates [INFO][Bot #1][05/15 10:46:16 PM]: [Walk]: WebWalker failed! [INFO][Bot #1][05/15 10:46:16 PM]: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO TASK RUNNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [INFO][Bot #1][05/15 10:46:16 PM]: Running Node: script.e.coN [INFO][Bot #1][05/15 10:46:16 PM]: [Walk]: We are not in the correct region! Starting WebWalker... [INFO][Bot #1][05/15 10:46:18 PM]: WebWalkingEvent; Terminated! Exceeded attempt threshold. [INFO][Bot #1][05/15 10:46:18 PM]: [Walk]: WebWalker failed!
  2. can i get trail please
  3. would love to have trail please
  4. kurtboi

    Stealth NMZ

    no i am not using hardware mouse
  5. kurtboi

    Stealth NMZ

    i am having an issue it just keeps dying and not making it to centre i have added the key log below i am using mirror mode https://pastebin.com/MXtc7tUz
  6. hi, may i have a trail please?
  7. can i have free trail please
  8. hello Czar i am having few issues when doing fruit stalls inside the clicks are bit random sometimes it double clicks also when i got setting to drop all it fill up inv 18 then walk to bank i believe
  9. kurtboi

    Stealth Quester

    This script was working flawless about 2 weeks ago, now every time it wants to get something out of the bank it just fails and just does nothing
  10. can i get a trail please very intrested
  11. kurtboi

    Stealth Quester

    if you buy the items at sensible price before starting the script will it use them instead of buying the items again for 10x more than should be? on monkey madness it complteted the puzzle then switch world, i know it sayd it may hop several time before correct one but it completed it no problem first time. on monkey madness it just keeps opening and closing bank everytime it wants something
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