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  1. Have any of the things you said in this post actually come to fruition? I dare say this sounds a lot like a carrot being dangled to retain as much interest in this dying client.
  2. I bought the script and was definitely not using the free version.
  3. I used this quite a while ago and there definitely are issues with the GUI freezing and messing up OSbot that still havent been resolved. It prevented me from using the script, ultimately this script is very disappointing.
  4. Good stuff, only issue I could see with this is because there's not much variance (e.g. all training wc + completing the same quests), it may lead to accounts being profiled.
  5. Maybe OSbot want to think people don’t farm with mirror mode, but the vast majority of people using OSbot run mirror mode to avoid the insta bans. btw if you need to change the user and pw for each client you launch with this instead of manually it doesn’t really make sense to use this in place of the native application.
  6. Aren’t the majority of people using mirror mode tho? Doesn’t really make sense to release tools for stealth when most scripters recommend mirror
  7. Looks like it's only for stealth mode?
  8. Definitely gonna be a lot harder for users to find threads with info around the SF scripts. Hopefully the merge doesnt bring down SF too much. Also, why is the SF script section under Unofficial scripts? That is a bit of a discredit considering majority of the SF scripts on the repo are at a higher/equal standard to the premium osbot scripts.
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