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  1. Make sure the listed features are actually features offered by the client
  2. I don’t think botting is dead at all, I think there’s a distinct lack of care
  3. Have any of the things you said in this post actually come to fruition? I dare say this sounds a lot like a carrot being dangled to retain as much interest in this dying client.
  4. I bought the script and was definitely not using the free version.
  5. I used this quite a while ago and there definitely are issues with the GUI freezing and messing up OSbot that still havent been resolved. It prevented me from using the script, ultimately this script is very disappointing.
  6. Definitely gonna be a lot harder for users to find threads with info around the SF scripts. Hopefully the merge doesnt bring down SF too much. Also, why is the SF script section under Unofficial scripts? That is a bit of a discredit considering majority of the SF scripts on the repo are at a higher/equal standard to the premium osbot scripts.
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