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  1. If possible id like a refund, After using it for a total of like 4 hours with breaks and getting a 2 day was not what i was expecting, If not then no problem.
  2. Update - Banned Used for around 2 hours for 2 days and got a ban.
  3. Thanks for the reply ** what would you recommend stunned delay (ms) im 88 thieving and i feel like im not getting alot of xp per hour?** @Czar **Can you make it so the bot does not rightclick.....Its been doing it every minute and its so fast it looks botlike.** can this be fixed?
  4. So i cannot get this to work, Im wanting to make it so if the knight runs away it wont follow. So 3 Squares max. Any ideas on how i can get this to work? I Hold Shift and nothing happens @Czar
  5. I just bought it, Ill give you some feedback
  6. Hey all. Looking to buy 70m osrs go $0.60/PM by PayPal. If your feedback is good I'm happy to go first. Message me on Osbot or reply to this topic!
  7. All at Once 50m, 0.83/PM Paypal. Must have good feedback. ?
  8. Sorry mate can only do PP at the moment
  9. anyone reported being banned from using this?
  10. should make it so its possible to do it at the bank because people lure knights there
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