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  1. For Ironman u need 40con before this works? as u need HouseTabs or Servent? is that correct? no way of using house teleport spells with runes?
  2. For anyone else who got stuck with the bot constantly clicking settings, make sure u have Shift click to drop items inabled
  3. Did u end up trying this? Seeing if it’s still viable
  4. can i have a trial please?
  5. Can i get a trial please?
  6. When using magic imbue, with LavaRunes, Bot gets caught out, if its clicks "Cast Imbue" when its already active, (as he does this every time prior to clicking runes) and then as soon as it goes to use EarthRunes on the alter the imbue fades, bot then constantly tries to drop the earth runes.
  7. Trial please, looks good
  8. What KC % do u set yours too? im at 63 chest no item i do 86 but it always get to much like 90+
  9. apa agility plz, but in 2 days as im away for the weekend thankyou
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