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  1. I bougth this yesterday and i want my money back, please tell me how?!?
  2. Hallo ive got this awsome 3 character name It means DEATH in some languages what would this be worth in osrs gp??
  3. I Would die for a life time sponsor ship ive been with you guys so loong and ive send a few improvement ideas to alek to make the bot better. IHOPE I WIN SO MUCH! :O!?!?!?
  4. B) ofc rather have a lower exp/hr than a banned account looking forward to it. can you add a freash from tut 1-99 power ming??
  5. Evil Bender


    Buy a lifetime sponsor insted of a month of vip Its much more trustworthy
  6. World 44 (PC) or house Got a secret spot, never got a ban or report (Cant tell)
  7. after a purchase of VIP or donor the timer would take longer like 2-3 year After a massban i always take a massive brake from rs
  8. Brace yourself world war 3 has begun
  9. This scripts Works real great just got 3 suicide bots banned for 24/7 no breaks its the only bans ive ever got with this amazing script - A small problem with run/energy pots it forgets to drink full up and just walks with the pot - Sometimes it just stands with the abby monsters untill it teleports without even trying to find an entrance (Maby its becuase my bots only got mining levels) - When its almost dead it sometimes doblet tele Im not sure if all the bugs above have been fixed thats just the once i've seen using this script I would love it if you added a get glory/amor back if it dies in abbys (NOT by a pker) and the chance of bringing food with it, it would be GREAT
  10. I need 15m right now from someone trusted!!
  11. you will get automatically an email every time Just hook up your Smartphone to your email to make it easier PLEAS (LIKE)
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