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  1. https://gyazo.com/dc7a2f02cd7d9b2699147a3363b057bf 40+ Quest Points Unlocked: Book of Darkness Mage Cape Also looking to sell.
  2. Pali

    i need thse quests done. how much?

  3. Easiest way of making it work is just simply stand at the bank chest and select one of the areas in the GUI for example "West" if this does not work manually run your character to the west location and wait for the script to find itself. Also forget marking your area you don't need to with the built in locations.
  4. You need to post here: but i think i know what the issue is, hop into the chat and i will help you.
  5. EXP

    Explv's Walker

    I didn't expect the script to actually use the boat system to get to my destination, better than i actually thought! - Perfect script.
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