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  1. I bougth this yesterday and i want my money back, please tell me how?!?
  2. Hallo ive got this awsome 3 character name It means DEATH in some languages what would this be worth in osrs gp??
  3. I Would die for a life time sponsor ship ive been with you guys so loong and ive send a few improvement ideas to alek to make the bot better. IHOPE I WIN SO MUCH! :O!?!?!?
  4. B) ofc rather have a lower exp/hr than a banned account looking forward to it. can you add a freash from tut 1-99 power ming??
  5. Evil Bender


    Buy a lifetime sponsor insted of a month of vip Its much more trustworthy
  6. World 44 (PC) or house Got a secret spot, never got a ban or report (Cant tell)
  7. after a purchase of VIP or donor the timer would take longer like 2-3 year After a massban i always take a massive brake from rs
  8. Brace yourself world war 3 has begun
  9. This scripts Works real great just got 3 suicide bots banned for 24/7 no breaks its the only bans ive ever got with this amazing script - A small problem with run/energy pots it forgets to drink full up and just walks with the pot - Sometimes it just stands with the abby monsters untill it teleports without even trying to find an entrance (Maby its becuase my bots only got mining levels) - When its almost dead it sometimes doblet tele Im not sure if all the bugs above have been fixed thats just the once i've seen using this script I would love it if you added a get glory/amor back if it dies in abbys (NOT by a pker) and the chance of bringing food with it, it would be GREAT
  10. I need 15m right now from someone trusted!!
  11. you will get automatically an email every time Just hook up your Smartphone to your email to make it easier PLEAS (LIKE)
  12. Best meme ever Please (Like)
  13. i've have noticed that ever since Po**Rbot+fake osbot started spamming/advertising chat the ban rate has increased like crazy + maybe some new Jagex invisible dummy ''EVENT'' please post if you agree or have another theory
  14. Jesus walked on water, you know the rest.....
  15. Yeah i saw him drive around this morning Lets all Report Mod Mark lol
  16. Jagex are getting smarter lol
  17. Please make an BENDER! smily and ill Support this
  18. REAL fast service Thanks once again I would recommend His service to everyone
  19. Jobs DONE THANKS Deceiver FOR AN FAST SERVICE hope you enjoy your PHAT SET
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