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  1. can i get a trial please before purchase
  2. he's a scammer. Won't use a middleman with me. Was trying to make me go first. Saying mm's are scammers. Stay away from this guy.
  3. GcwRyan

    Stealth Quester

    Bought the script the other night. Very helpful and nice to use. Thanks a lot.
  4. I even tried to set it up without breaking and it seemed to get the same information in the logger. It'll just stand there like it's trying to break and won't logout.
  5. Logger keeps saying it's preparing for break.. Will just sit logged in and won't do anything.
  6. Killing moss giants in ardy, will randomly stop attacking and just stand there. Came back to my screen after 10 minutes, it died. I have it set to the nearest bank, and once it runs out of food it'll run to the bank but just stand outside of it. Won't withdraw food or do anything but freeze.
  7. is this sold? don't see any pics.
  8. Pending sale for 30m atm @Zack0wns
  9. I can go first, or we can use middle man, feel free to pm me on discord Ryan^ #5177
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