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  1. ??????? It's webwalking how could I do something wrong lmao. It was literally working before this update that fixed 1 question in the stronghold, which was added because I reported it
  2. No I dont because I am the dev of the script and its webwalking thats broken kekw
  3. @PatrickStronghold of security is completly broken now, doesnt answer any of the questions
  4. Can I get a trial please?
  5. OSBot version: 2.6.27 Script version: latest Mirror mode or injection: Mirror Description: This error pops u ater 1 kill then script stops working [ERROR][Bot #1][05/30 12:41:55 PM]: Error in bot executor or from Error class (and not Exception)! java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.osbot.rs07.api.model.GroundItem.isOnScreen()Z at nul.K(j:176) at org.osbot.rs07.api.filter.FilterAPI.filter(yi:215) at org.osbot.rs07.api.EntityAPI.closest(ti:44) at org.osbot.rs07.api.EntityAPI.closest(ti:272) at nul.K(j:504) at nul.E(j:417) at nul.h(j:190) at CoN.G(r:14) at Spidine.onLoop(l:622) at org.osbot.rs07.event.ScriptExecutor$InternalExecutor.run(am:208) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Can you reproduce this? If so how: Yes, get 1 kill Bot log: See above Screenshots/video if available:
  6. https://streamable.com/of5ff1 that was me that clicked the door to see if it would do anything. But it just stands there until it dies or logs out
  7. It seems to happen randomly, right now it's working well but I've died multiple times because it runs out of food and does nothing. I'll try next time it happens
  8. When out of food in basement it just stands there and eventually dies. Status says walking to bank but it never goes. Has been like this for a long time. Mirror mode It's not related to the current Osbot issues as this has happened the last time I used it too
  9. Madzer

    MirrorClient v6.0

    because v6.0 isnt on latest osbot client
  10. Madzer

    MirrorClient v6.0

    +1 because its not v6 haha
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