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  1. Madzer

    MirrorClient v6.0

    +1 because its not v6 haha
  2. Webwalker still sometimes tries to click on a door it cannot reach in security stronghold
  3. Ok cool. Also noticed as soon as I start the script it starts to lag, like everything gets real choppy Edit: Soz this post was meant for this thread
  4. How come it runs so far away to reset? Runelite has a plugin that lets you see aggresive lines, I'm sure you could easily add that in so the script knows where to go to reset agro instead of half way across the world
  5. Webwalker keeps trying to use this shortcut in Security Stronghold but it cant because its not completed
  6. Wow, thanks a lot haha. Such a weird thing but this works
  7. Thats an issue with java. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22737535/swing-rendering-appears-broken-in-jdk-1-8-correct-in-jdk-1-7/26610279#26610279 Do the steps of the last one, " steps: control panel system and security system Remote settings Advanced tab click Environment variables create a J2D_D3D variable and set the value to false."
  8. @PatrickApparently the keyboard issue isnt happening to everyone? Two people I know have no issue, but I cannot use keyboard at all even if input is enabled
  9. this? I have, still wont let me type or move camera
  10. Doesnt let me move camera with arrow keys with keyboard enabled or when script is paused. Edit: Appears keyboard input doesnt work at all
  11. He doesnt do trials for SF
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