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  1. Han


    From what I've noticed for far from using it - It will occasionally click the same spot twice, not a big issue and doesn't happen very often Sometimes after idling, it'll struggle to find a new spot - resulting in having to pause/resume script for it to work normally. Again, not very often. Other than that, it's a pretty solid script.
  2. Han


    May I grab a trial for this?
  3. Han

    88-90 Fishing

    Looking for someone to do 88-90 Fishing for me doing Tempoross, open to alternatives though.
  4. So far so good from what I’ve seen, was a little confusing to figure out how it all worked but seems great! Only thing I would say is would it be possible to add the Necklace of Passage traversing into it for the Tree Gnome Stronghold? It’s a teleport that relatively puts you near if you have no other quick-access to it
  5. May I grab a trial for this?
  6. Script runs fine and flawlessly, only thing is which may be out of your control so it isn’t to put a downer on the script as a whole but the dropping (powerfishing) just seems extremely slow. That may just be picky and I apologise if that’s how it comes across - was testing it against some of my fishing buddies and they couldn’t understand why I were taking so long to drop
  7. May I grab a trial for this?
  8. Han

    Khal Tempoross

    I definitely think the no-cooking settings need a rework, script just doesn’t know what to do sometimes if that option is selected. I’m running it on cook harpoonfish and is far more stable than not cooking the fish apart from sometimes if a spot disappears, it’ll be the very last character to react and click on a new spot.
  9. Han

    Khal Tempoross

    @Khaleesi- After purchasing the script I’ve noticed a few things and a few recommendations. - After filling the cannon with the fish and fires are present it will just stop and rotate the camera, then get stuck somewhere on the boat. - When energy is at 0% it will still continue to run up to the cannons to fill with any remaining fish. - 3%/4% is the target energy if on the boat to run down and be on time for the 0% energy. - Pretty unstable at the moment whenever I’ve ran it, so I wouldn’t want to risk the account whilst issues are prominently present.
  10. Han


    I were using a sole client on Mirror Mode, I had restarted it several times but were still encountering the same issues.
  11. Han


    From the trial this is how I found it - - It would always be the last character to move - Would sometimes miss intervals on where the double harpoonfish were - Would run straight through fires even if buckets of water were in inventory, losing half of the fish etc - Would sometimes be slow to react after a game and be the last one on the boat, therefore pretty much missing the games with large amounts of players
  12. Han


    May I try a trial for this?
  13. Han

    Khal Tempoross

    May I have a trial to test this out?
  14. Stealth Injection bots are just suicide now, I wouldn’t bot on that mode.
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