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  1. Was just a little disappointed after a long wait of having to wait for a fix then run into an immediate problem in the new version - hope it gets fixed soon.
  2. After using the latest version, after mining a full inventory of Dense essence blocks - once it venerates it constantly repeatedly click Venerate on the Dark Altar? I am starting the script as I should/recommended just thought you should know.
  3. It’s always been a long term thing, I always let it known when there’s a problem but nothing really gets done about them until I have to pester them consistently. That doesn’t go for all scripters though.
  4. Have any of you encountered a script that runs flawlessly without any issues? Out of all the premium scripts I use (bar 2), none of them are flawless and encounter problems at some point. What scripts run flawless for you?
  5. Hey @Khaleesi Any update on Blood Rune fix?
  6. Hey @Czar, any timetable on when Bloods are being implemented?
  7. Off personal opinion, what is everybody’s favourite scripts to use?
  8. Hi @Khaleesi, Just curious on when the next update is coming to fix the Blood Runes problem?
  9. You should be able to start the script anywhere, just have a chisel in your inventory and hit play .
  10. User hasn’t been active since April 2016, the script hasn’t been taken over by anybody therefore it no longer works.
  11. Absolutely, I checked it out earlier and was curious to thinking why another scripter hasn’t gave it a shot? I’m no expert in scripting so I can’t say the scale of making a script like this but I’m sure it would be pretty nice as Tithe is definitely useful!
  12. That would be great, considering it’s quite a useful way to gain Farming XP I’m surprised there isn’t an active one .
  13. Title - I was just curious into thinking why there isn’t a working Tithe Farm script? Surely a script like that would be extremely useful for some botters on here?
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