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  1. This feature would be amazing. Or maybe even collect data from a player after a couple hours of playing and creating a MouseMoveProfile from that. As always, amazing work.
  2. Anyway I could get an auth to try this out before I buy it?
  3. could i get a 24h trial please
  4. Hey man, any chance i could get authed so I can check this out? Love your scripts.
  5. Was running into the same issues as the guy before, however I discovered that it actually will drag it to the location it needs to go, but if the item it is dragging it to is a placeholder, than it will just return to where it found the initial item and repeat the process.
  6. The script is amazing bro, I highly suggest getting it.
  7. Bought it already, 10/10 script would recommend to anyone that is thinking about purchasing.
  8. tmoney603

    dPuro Puro

    You're so quick lmao EDIT: This probably has nothing to do with your script, but everytime I run it and it has traverse through Zanaris the script/client will lag horribly to the point that OSBot will crash. Is there something I can do to fix this? EDIT2: It is working now.
  9. tmoney603

    dPuro Puro

    Could I get a trial?
  10. Sorry to bother again, will be buying on friday most likely. Is mirror mode still buggy?
  11. In your GUI you have a tab for butterflies, is it still currently supported? I'm looking to use it for Ruby Harvest.
  12. Would love to get a trial if it's available for regular members, I intend on buying it anyway but won't be able to until about friday.
  13. Wrong place man, post here and make sure to read this
  14. I've read into this bot and it seems like such a steal for the price... Can I get a trial before I buy? I will probably buy regardless to be honest. I'm very interested to see your "One Tick" method because it sounds like that would seem bot like to me. EDIT: Also, if you can make a 3-tick fisher for baxtorian falls I will give you all my monies.
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