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  1. Hello, rn i have a pure account 10 hp, just trained magic level till 86 and combat level 44. also idk if could help you but the last time i trained it was 3 months ago if u're interested please add my discord to discuss further details Upgrade Account#7120
  2. I have Blast furnance accounts in stock, with coal bag and ice gloves. Please add my discord Upgrade Account#7120 to discuss further details
  3. For a proper communication and discuss further details, please add my discord Upgrade Account#7120
  4. I have several available in stock, pm me to discuss further details Discord Upgrade Account#7120
  5. 30 m per account, without supplies. 100% hand trained Upgrade Account#7120
  6. i think that some factors that may arise the banning risk are: -If the gold that you're willing to sell comes from popular goldfarming methods AND it's your main activity in the account. Since i think it's a obvious behavior that may trigger the RWT ban system. -the gold trading activity of the accounts involved in gold swap. For example, if you buy or sell to somebody that have been using his account too many times recently for trading gold (popular buyer/sellers), instead if you trade with a legit player that barely do a gold trade, then i think it could be safer About the q
  7. add my discord, good price guaranteed Upgrade Account#7120
  8. If u're still looking for somebody add my discord Upgrade Account#7120 i can give you a good offer
  9. Add my discord, i'll give you a good offer Upgrade Account#7120
  10. The first account must be around 250 m And the second, i'm not so sure about rs3 prices. But i think could worth around 150 m just for the Osrs features
  11. I have one 80/80/85 melee + 93 ranged + 75 magic 1150 total level This account have all the skills requirements to do DS2, since i was planning to play on it as a Vorkath alt account Add my discord if u're interested or if want a similar account but with lower stats Upgrade Account#7120
  12. Add my discord, great price guaranteed Upgrade Account#7120
  13. Upgrade Acc

    Need service

    if u're still looking for someone. you can add my discord Upgrade Account#7120
  14. emm imo i think it's around 40m
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