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  1. 15M? Thats like nothing I guess my accounts will be more like 100M
  2. maxih4

    PS1 Games

    Definitly Tony Hawks
  3. Hey guys, what would be the value of a 51 agility 60 thieving account with the rogue outfin and the thieving pet and a 2 day ban.
  4. I love this series. Keep on going!
  5. Could you gimme a price check on 70/99/70 with nmz quests and nothing else? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, What do you think about old rack hardware for example a dl360 with 2x xeon x5670 2.94ghz and around 64gb ram. How many clients could I run with mirror mode on it? More then 25? Is it worth it to get such hardware for a good price ( about 200usd)
  7. Hello, I will try to answer some of your questions: Proxies: You gonna use them to avoid getting chain banned on all of your bots if one gets banned. So I would suggest to bot probably 1-5 bots on the same proxy, depending on what exactly you are botting. VPN: Is also used to hide your orignial IP. You can use it for safety between your home ip and the proxy or use it straight to bot ( I wouldnt recommend that, cause vpn ips are often blacklisted) For 20 Bots you probably need 1-2 VPS Servers that your bots can run 24/7. The other questions like which levels you should do manually and tips like that no one will give you. Try it out for yourself and improve it next time when you get banned.
  8. Some scripts also have their own break system that overrides the standard osbot break system. Then you can choose the breaktimes on the script start.
  9. Nice looking Script. Does it have Sleep patterns? And could you gimme a trial? Thanks!
  10. maxih4

    Stealth NMZ

    Hey Token, would it be possible to add something like a progress level system so that we can choose the skill what to level? For example base 90s and then str to 99 before att and def. So that it automatically swaps combat style then? Other then that I love that script!
  11. Thanks. Already know him from the past. Still looking for new suppliers for the master farmer accounts
  12. Hey guys, I am looking for Master farmer ready accounts. Farming should be 71 and thieving/agility 50+ for rogues outift. Rogues outfit is not needed, I could get it myself. Offer me something or write me your discord
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