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  1. Looking for 6.5m barb fishing xp. I wish to have access to the account during the day time so looking for someone who only wants to play between 10pm - 9am gmt time. i dont mind if you only play a few hours a day
  2. Nice script, im currently mining iron and maxing out at 35k xp per hour, should i be mining something else or is this the best xp to 99? Anyone to make the bot more reactive so it increases xp rates? I tried the pre hover setting at legend guild 3 iron spawn and the the cursors just wonders instead of pre hovering the next rock. im level 60. Thanks.
  3. Ill take 100-200m on monday lad
  4. I just want to max a account for once, so figured i would bot as many skills as possible until i get a temp ban and then do the rest of the maxing legit. So far doing pretty well, 10-15 99 in a few month period since account creation. I play a lot by hand and bot. Fingers crossed i wont ever get banned.
  5. c friend

    Stealth Quester

    Just completed every quest. any plans on adding more? Thank you.
  6. Just bought the script and running it mirror mode with the main osrs client. The osbot client drops its fps to 15-25 and the osrs stays 60+. Its defiantly nothing to do with my pc specs. Any suggestions?
  7. okay thank you, i will try the script again tomorrow and send you the log.
  8. Just started it at edgy bank, it withdraws x amount coins then the noted bones followed by un noted. then it takes x coin again from the bank and just idles?
  9. My i try the trial please. thank you.
  10. the bot miss clicks on this door instead of the bank booth every few invs https://gyazo.com/197d5d9508fa94b4411f993359773639
  11. Looking to get the below quest done. Currently grinding the the requirements so the account will be ready to for questing by the end of this week/start of next. Please let me know the time frame you require and how much osrs gp Thank you ------------------ Dragon Slayer II jungle poison Shilo Village Rune Mysteries Waterfall Quest Gertrude's Cat Ghosts Ahoy Plague City Biohazard Dragon Slayer Merlin's Crystal Client of Kourend The Fremennik Trials The Dig Site Bone Voyage
  12. Liked the post. could i trial the script for a day please? Thank you. Liked the post. could i trial the script for a day please? Thank you.
  13. Hello, would a trial be possible please?
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