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  1. I cant find your discord mate. I will check when i get home for the receipts, i bought a fair amount of psn cards for fifa points a while back. These are the codes i never used, if you are no longer interested ill probably use most of it on the new cod.
  2. Hello, i have the below vouchers available and looking to get them swapped for osrs gp. More than happy to use a MM. None of the vouchers are carded. i bought a fair few gift cards at the start of the year in anticipation of new ps4 games, but i have been sucked back into runescape lol. I am aware that ps store cards are valued less then fiat currency so was thinking £1 psn for 0.55m but open to suggestions 1x £20 - 36m ea 2x £15 - 27m ea 10x £10 - 18m ea The cards are region locked to the uk my discord is fuckrunescape#8347
  3. .43 usd? can I have 150m please.
  4. thank you, enjoying the script thus far. however is it possible to add botanical pie support? it boots your herblore level by 4. Useful at 86 as it allows you to boost to 90 for super combat potions. those 4 levels save about 10-15m gp. Thank yo.
  5. Script name Khal herblore - trial length 2 days - Reason for trial - bought a few of your scripts already, was thinking about using this herblore script for my next 99 - Are you going to give feedback on the script? of course.
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