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  1. MadMax did a good job explaining it. But also realize that if you bot, chances are you are going to be caught eventually. That doesn't mean don't bot straight off Tutorial Island like he said. I've been botting on a Hunter account BETA testing ProjectPacts new Hunter Script that will be releasing sometime in the next few weeks. I botted straight off tutorial island, but i didn't go balls to the wall immediately. Start in moderation, don't slam out 1-50 in any stat in a day. That will only get your account banned. Good luck in your botting endeavors!
  2. Hey Khal. Could you auth me for a trial please?
  3. RuggedIV

    login world

    -world (worldhere) -world 327 For reference:
  4. Out of all the threads you Necro'd, it was one where everyone on the post except one person, is suspended. Good Job.
  5. What exactly do you need tips on? Like how to ride, or?
  6. RuggedIV


    I assure you your brain is not too small. There's just a learning curve with coding, that's all. I wasn't learning Java by any means, but it can take upwards of a few weeks before some concepts of coding really start to "Click". Don't give up, and you'll eventually get where you want to be.
  7. Welcome! Gary's Hood. That's how i got my first 99 back in the 2000's Like others have said though, there's no telling what the ban rate is for anything, but botting smart might help.
  8. Hunter and Runecrafting in my experience. but on the account i'm working on right now, i've made it to 40 Hunter in ~3 days. Slow and Steady.
  9. You answered your own question. If you bot, expect a ban.
  10. Yep. What people fail to realize is that "BotWatch" never sleeps, is never out of the office, and doesn't care if it was for 5 hours or 5 minutes.
  11. You shouldn't have botted on your main if you were afraid of losing it. Take it as a painful lesson learned my friend.
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