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    This script will complete Waterfall Quest for you. This is completely Ironman friendly! Just make sure you have coins in the bank! If you don't have the runes required for the quest, it'll obtain them for you, same with the rope! Obtains all required items for the quest if you don't have them. Obtains Air runes via Aubury's shop in Varrock Obtains Earth runes via Aubury's shop in Varrock Obtains Water runes via Aubury's shop in Varrock Obtains Rope via Kortan's shop in Ardougne YOU MUST HAVE FOOD IN YOUR BANK (CAKE, TROUT, OR SALMON) You can remove the check for needing
  2. Sorry for the massive delayed response, I'll turn post notifications on. It's available for free on the Script Factory Repository.
  4. What are you having issues with? There's multiple progress reports of people using it for 6+ hours with no issues at all. The developer did say that he was aware with a bug at Black Chins, but he's already got that queued on his list to fix. Hunter script is an amazing script with a lot of premium features. No need to babysit it...
  5. Thank you! It'll go until im banned or maxed!
  6. You must purchase the Script Factory Expansion pack. It's a $50 one time fee. It's available on the OSBot Script downloads.
  7. I will get this fixed asap. I should be back at work on tuesday evening, and I'll fix it
  8. Hey everyone! Welcome to Episode 3 of Scripting to Max. This episode gets us out of the average bot stage and is starting to shape our account. We've gained well over 200 levels this episode, and have knocked out a lot of account progress! If you're enjoying the series, please feel free to leave a like, and subscribe! This helps me know how you guys are liking the series. If you want to see more of the scripting aspect, and me explaining it, stay tuned as we dive deeper into the account. The early stages are working me a lot as I have to make a new script every cou
  9. Legend! Thank you. 452, didn't show up as a config value change in the config debugger, but none the less, the decimal value definitely changed after each completion!
  10. I'm currently working on creating a barrows script. I have banking, resupplying, killing of brothers, etc finished, but when getting down to the tunnel, I'm stuck. I seen a thread post about a year ago stating there's a config change, however, I do not see the config changing. I see two configs that I thought could have been it, but they're still the same every single time I enter the tunnel. The two configs are: 638 & 1021. I did notice 1042 changing as well, but that seems to be changing more than just when entering into the tunnel. Any help would be appreciated. If I can
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