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  1. Example: Inventory contains 12 sharks Inventory needs 15 sharks --> Withdraw remaining amount [ Sharks, 15 ] ---> (Withdraws 3 sharks). Could possibly be done with a math formula? I'd be happy to come up with the formula.
  2. My script will always check for ifCanCast, even though I have a specific Integer that says not too. https://imgur.com/imaY4ZF
  3. I can promise you, this is the best $25 that you will EVER spend. Give it a shot, if you don't like it, at least you already have 100s of free community scripts to use.
  4. I still use it on my ironman! just make sure you're checking up often, as there's no way to detect if the knight despawns and people hop to a new world.
  5. Zackaery


    You can download it on the Script Factory Script Network!
  6. Zackaery


    Need to catch some great medium-high tier food for your ironman? Looking to get some fast fishing levels? This script does everything you need! - Auto Task Detection for fishing Karambwans or Karambwanjis (bait) - Supports fairy ring teleports - Banks in Zanaris - Built-in break handler support - Randomized interactions
  7. Pretty sure there's already a premium script called KO Corp by @skillerkidos1
  8. You'll have to check on the Script Factory script network. This is NOT my script, and I DON'T HAVE ANY OF THE CODE. I only uploaded this as we were doing our transition to OSBot.
  9. You won't notice anything on your script. It's all in the back-end. If you're wanting to use the feature, you'd only have to enable it in the settings of Script Factory. Once enabled, you're good to go!
  10. Script Factory is the greatest thing invented for the botting community
  11. Updated the post. I was going off of OSRS Wiki prices saying 300k.
  12. Finished Available for download via the Script Network.
  13. Pick your mort myre fungus today and make profit! This will net you anywhere from 150-250k an hour on an account with small requirements. Requirements: - Restless ghost - Priest in peril - Nature spirit (Partially completed) - Silver sickle (b) / Blisterwood flail - >= 45 Prayer. - Enough HP to tank the hits of the Ghasts. - Randomized spot selection - Randomized camera movements - Randomized mouse movements - Randomized inventory checks - Player detection with world hopping/ spot hopping - Full banking support via Ferox Enclave - Fungus picked / Total runs tracker via Variable Debugger
  14. I'll work on this tonight for you.
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