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  1. Do People here think that I'm talking about the ban rate when it comes to safe??? I'm not going to be autoclicking to the death here guys chill (Which that guy with the mage alching probs did). I mix it in with different activities and do it with a different timer. Doing it 6+ hours a day nonstop with no other activities is a death sentence with simple auto clickers, which I don't do. Also not every autoclicker is "safe" as in virus-free or malware-free, hence why I asked
  2. I have been using gary's auto clicker and it's probably one of the best auto clickers out there. However, I'm trying to afk in nmz by doing 1hp method which requires you to click + unclick the rapid restore prayer every 50 secs and trying to find a safe autoclicker that has the option for double clicking on PC. Any suggestions bois?
  3. Isn't there a 7.0 update for my phone? Unless that update isn't guaranteed to work with every phone due to the different hardware.
  4. Title says it all, I've been looking for an autoclicker/tapper for my android phone but I've seen nothing good on the google play store. What do you guys think is a good autoclicker for android (assuming if there is any lul). I would prefer one that doesn't require a jailbreak/root.
  5. so the file on that site is safe right? Looked in virustotal and it seems like it was detected by 2-4 systems out of many of being a trojan...False positive?
  6. Is this a good safe download? https://garyshood.com/rsclient/ So if i were to use it for blast furnacing for 8-12 hours after doing some pest control (fair amount tbh) but turn it off when i go to sleep , will that be suspicious? how about for blast furnace for str xp?
  7. Hello, this is my first time actually joining this forum as you see.... Just a quick question, has anybody worked with gary's hood autoclicker and autotyper? is it legit, trustworthy, and clean? Ban rate?
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