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  1. didn't see that until it was to late, lol. had this account for 2+ years, it has been botted about 30% the rest is by hand.
  2. looking for an estimate, I am aware that it cant be sold until my account meets the requirement.
  3. With the new 24hr restriction, what is the best method for suicide botting now?
  4. anyone else getting annoyed with the 24 hour account restriction?
  5. From my understanding agility has a high ban rate, what other skills have a high ban rate?
  6. Does Agility botting have a high ban rate?
  7. Any good gold farming tips for f2p to get towards p2p?
  8. Is it wise to buy a bond or membership card for botting? I read that bonds have an increased ban chance or is that a rumor?
  9. Thank you, that what I was thinking but couldn't find any definitive answers or suggestions.
  10. I have been botting for a couple of months now, and still learning the ropes. I understand their is requirements to sell accounts, but once I get to that point what makes an account high value? Is it a x amount of quest points, certain skill and levels, combat level? I have searched around the forms and found mix answers ranging from combat level, quest points and skills.
  11. I've been reading on the forms and responses to questions I have posted regrading tips and advice for botting. I seen a quite a few suggestion of switching up of doing some botting and regular play, should I play on regular runescape aka the jagex launcher or is osbot okay to play on for legit times?
  12. if I am not botting should I play in osbot or regular jagex runescape?
  13. thank you, ive been searching on and off for couple of day but couldn't find anything like you sent me.
  14. Is there ban rates on combat levels or is that a myth. Also any tips and or advice for botting levels. such as fishing, woodcutting, combat?
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