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  1. read my post on page 57 of this thread
  2. Welcome. 1. Browse the forums 2. Search the forums Almost anything you can think of has already been asked before
  3. There's no mention of the program not being maintained anymore, so I thought I'd let you know that the URL in the OP is dead @ProjectPact
  4. Left it at willows with +50 wc on 4 accounts, all of them made it to yews by the time I'd woken up, but they were dropping the yew logs at the G.E., right before the bank, then went and opened the bank, and since there was nothing to bank, ran back and kept chopping. It works perfectly when you're already at +60, aside from the anti-afk. It looks a little suspicious that it swings the camera back and forth rapidly until a Yew tree respawns. Aside from the few thousand yew logs it dropped, a very nice script! edit to add a prog
  5. To get the GE task working you need to copy the text on this website https://rsbuddy.com/exchange/summary.json to OSBot/Data/explv_aio_rsbuddy_summary.json Ideally you would automate this to overwrite the file every 15 minutes or so to get the updated trading prices. The reason the GE task isn't working is because the SDN version is using a dead API. notice how the Item Name text isn't red?
  6. Did you ever improve upon the container or is this still good enough for you?
  7. What happens if you do java -jar osbot.jar -login osbot_username:osbot_passw -allow lowcpu,lowresource ? btw remember to obfuscate the output if you're going to post it since it contains your user:pass Also, could you hop in the discord, it's a pain to troubleshoot over forum posts
  8. sudo apt update && sudo apt install -qy openjdk-8-jdk java -jar path/to/OSBot\ 2.5.70.jar Just tried this on a new 18.04 virtual machine
  9. BeepBooPvm


    you wanna know what i really love? eggs eggs are just SO GOOD theres nothing about an eggs that you cannot like i like eggs in any way. i like RAW eggs, okay? I JUST LOVE EGGS! you can make, , ,, , egg nog ? you can make like. . , ,, . you can . ,, , GPF I LOVE EGGS a lot OKAY? you can do anything with eggs eggs are sO GOOD i just love eggs I̸̯͉͉ͅ ̳̜̳͓̗̮̮LO̘͙̹̼̼V̡͕͙͇͍̯E̩ ̹̲̙͘E͍͙͕̻̺͔͓Ǵ͓̙̫̗͖̹G̻̩̪̦̕S̪̺̘̮̬̻̬
  10. I might have a go and create a container and an Ansible role to set this up, would that be ok @Tom ?
  11. Got stuck on a tree in G.E. and hopped worlds until I stopped it... try adding this into your antibot: if stuck move 1 south / 1 north + random between X-27 east if stuck, rebank first and try again, if still stuck somehow, hop look at current world if f2p, look for other f2p worlds if members, look for other members worlds
  12. Excellent. looks really nice and responsive. Surprised me that it detected the range and closest bank. Utilising the 'all' withdraw feature from the bank (which was on by default) was a nice touch. Going to cook the ~500 shrimps and anchovies I have and see how it goes
  13. Formatting will change as I go along About me I've played RS Since 2006, Currently working in IT, mainly in automation roles; shell scripting, Ansible, containerization, Infra as code, etc. Never botted these accounts. Runescape - comped main - almost maxed iron - quit in 2019 OSRS: >90/90/90 atk/str/def, >85 slayer main - quit in 2017 Objectives TBD 1m made 08/03/2020 - yew logs Log 19/02/2020 20/02/2020 21/02/2020
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