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  1. Taxed paid 35m I believe because I did not use it.
  2. The report is legit. More or less gaveaway/sold the account for cheap, and didn't feel I got full value after 4 months or so. My fault and accept responsibility (i.e. ban). @Malcolm @Gunman
  3. Could do around 0.45/m
  4. Probably have something you want. Do you care about questing/other levels? (e.g. 50 attack?)
  5. Noobs, buy the script.**
  6. 1. Pictures of the account stats: 2. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any): 3. Pictures of the quests completed: 4. The price you will be starting bids at: $75 USD 5. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account: $175 USD 6. The methods of payment you are accepting: PayPal only. 7. Your trading conditions: Can discuss via PM, middleman is fine, Malcolm preferred if he is willing. 8. Pictures of the account status: 9. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address: Am the original owner.
  7. The breaking feature of OSbot works well with the script ^^
  8. Background Information: I got into an argument with the guy in question on the discord site because he charged back on PayPal over an account I sold him that got banned, which he blamed me for. I then did attempt and asked Rey to recover the other account I sold him (the main staker from Rey). Obviously stupid on my part, but Rey could not recover the account. I was wrong and understand on what I did wasn't the best idea, but no account was actually recovered. The PayPal Chargeback's: [Hidden] Brief of what happened: So I sold account (1) and account (2 -- Rey's account) to the discord user on [Redacted]. Account (1) got banned and the user then chargedback for account (1). I then got angry and tasked Rey to recover account (2). Rey could not recover the account, but the user noticed password/email requests being sent to his email. He believed I was recovering it so he chargedback for the account (2) and reported me. I was banned on the discord for attempting to recover the account, however, no account ended up being recovered. (This can be confirmed with Rey and the user). Closing words: I understand I should not have attempted to recover the second account, but I was upset at the discord user for charging back on account (1) because he was in control of it when it got banned. I am making no excuse for myself, but I do not believe that it should qualify as a ban. I have been an active OSbot user here, supporting the site and various script creators. I have also completed multiple account sales and other dealings on OSbot within the last year and prior to incident in question. Thanks.
  9. Can do this in about 1-2 days. PMing a price.
  10. Trusted like $70-100 vs. non-trusted maybe $50 at most.
  11. Account sales depend on how trusted the seller are honestly.
  12. Huge shout out to @ez11
  13. Check out the 'Voucher' section in the OSbot Discord.
  14. Blocked out the other XP rates? Nice little proggy
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