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  1. So i dont have VIP but use premium script i will be ban fast or not? if i dont use mirror mode?
  2. So i have much premium script,but dont have money for VIP. without mirror mode dont bot or bot?
  3. kharzak

    Help me

    If i dont have money for VIP i will be banned ? i dont use mirror mode?
  4. i don't really understand how it would work if someone helped me thank you.
  5. Mirror mode help with not get ban?
  6. I'm vip and able to use mirror mode,my question how many hours recommended to run bot a day/breaks? Or any idea? Thanks
  7. i am a beginner in this, i use mirror mode there is VIP em. just would be my question, how much time should i run 1 day on the bot maximum, how much should there be a break in between to reduce the baning chance?
  8. Okay i read your signature I understood. so if i not use mirror mode ban quickly?
  9. I don't have money for VIP right now, but I want to bot. So I can't use the VIP feature.
  10. I am at home, I usually use computers, I sleep, I rarely go out of the house
  11. What if I wait a month and reopen a ban appael? Do they answer?
  12. the account was banned in february this year, they responded in august, since then i have been doing the ban appael in vain, they don't respond to it. i would add me this account should but very much because I had high skill on it.I have been waiting 2 months for no reaction, in vain I open new and new appael. Sorry my english is shit.
  13. It dont loot on mirror mode,why?
  14. can i run this on mirrormode?
  15. banned for botting what mean tweeting? my english shit sorry
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