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  1. The account is an ironman without a Trident. Would need to know how to do Mage only Zulrah safe-spotting w/o antivenom (sipping two doses of an anti-poison during safe-spotting the mage phase resets venom). Just need a single kill for the Western Provinces diary. If you can do this let me know via PM or below and we can make an arrangement on the pricing. Magic level > 75 HP > 75
  2. Smart

    rare RSN

    Could you inbox me the name friend.
  3. I am interested in hearing more about the details my dude.
  4. I'm interested in hearing more. Text me qt.
  5. Smart

    Night Wintertodt

    Did someone say Smart.
  6. Thank you for all that you did for OSBot. You're awesome my man.
  7. Hello, Need 54-65 farming done through Tithe Farming. Post your prices below Paypal perferred. Thanks.
  8. Smart


    Usually I ran the script for 6-10 hours a day during the week (more intense on weekends), and used 3 hour intervals with one hour breaks while changing it quite often. I also used break days, where I did not log on at all as fishing minnows can seem very click intensive. This script got me from 92-99 in two weeks with no ban. I also changed up my methods (barbarian fishing, monks, and then went back to minnows) through sampling his other script, check it out here, which is also flawless. Cheers.
  9. Smart


    If you're still on the fence about buying this script. Cheers @Tom. (From a couple days ago)
  10. Smart


    Mind if I catch a trial of this my friend? Currently using your minnow script, and I am definitely interested in the full thing.
  11. Smart


    Just tried running it on my Mac and experienced the same issues. If you need a computer that is a Mac to recreate the issue on just let me know via PM and we can team-view. To specify, the GUI never pops up, however, the paint for the script does. With that being said, however, the script is currently running beautifully on Windows. Thanks again.
  12. Great background music to go with the video. If you ever consider buying PUBG hit me up and we can play duos.
  13. Smart


    It is only 2.99 my man, and it is definitely worth it. Just started a new run, hits 41k an hour stable and I can attest that it works perfect - Worth the buy.
  14. Smart


    Hard to say from someone who just bought this script. So far I have ran it for about 2-3 hours a day on average with no problems. All in all, just do not become over confident, and you should be fine. Also, just had a major XP jump from 35-36k to 45k/hr. Thanks again! Edit:
  15. Smart


    No worries brother! Ran it for about three hours yesterday, and it was excellent. Again thank you for your script and for releasing this. I'll keep you updated if I see anything else.
  16. Smart


    Just a heads up, testing it now and it will double click on the spot. I wouldn't say this is usually a problem, but it does it consistently and the time between the first and second click is about 1.5 seconds. Just seems odd, thanks man it is working great though! Edit: Also, if there are two red spots at the same time the bot will continue to cycle between them twice in confusion, and then continue to fish while the swordfish is eating the minnows.
  17. Smart


    Just went ahead and bought this, thank you for releasing a minnow specific script. I'll let you know how it goes.
  18. I have sent you a request my friend. Skype: facebook:kyle.stovall.71
  19. I need 62 (already halfway through the level) to 70 agility completed. Post offers below with your Skype, and thank you for your time. Best Edit: Solely by hand, no botting whatsoever.
  20. Would you mind if I grab a trial buddy? I have liked your page of course. ^_^ 3470
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