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  1. got this script and it works flawlessly, got 3 pieces in the first 3 hours, highly recommend!
  2. So people making extra 800$ a month makes our guide a scam? I find that to be a very good investment. You're ridiculous. How do you even got discord helper, everyone hates you, I literally never heard someone say one single good thing about you. I ignored the dispute on sythe because I didnt give a shit about it that time but I never took the 25m. You still didnt provide any proof its a scam. At least I am doing somehting for the botting community while you spread your hate everywhere.
  3. Ive joined youtube a year ago, I've been in the botting scene for much longer. Can you prove to us its complete bulshit? When I tried to show people it isnt I got banned for posting 40+ hours proggy of suicide botting on @KhaleesiMORT MYRE FUNGUS. If its a scam why do we have people cashing out 300m every weekend? why do we have people that literally bot over 40h straight and not get banned? Why so many people vouch for us? Also I explained the situation on sythe. I am not banned there, it was never a scam but take it as you want. You are a negative little kid who throws hate at others so it can make you feel better about yourself. That's a reflection of your own sadness. Now show us some facts we dont care about your opinion. Facs > feelings @Naked
  4. Can you make it gather the warm clothing for wt?
  5. i cant access any sections of the website. i keep getting the ban message.
  6. When i log in thats the message i get..BANNED - you do not have permission to view this site
  7. Hello everyone, I got banned on another osbot account of mine and I have no idea why. Could someone explain to me what happened ? If i broke any rules I am very sorry.
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