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  1. This is your chance to ask me anything you have ever wondered about me. The last time you can ask me the things you may have wondered. if you ask i will answer.
  2. Don't worry. i am not here for long.
  3. m8 i quit before it was cool lelel Actually my avatar is Syd Barrett. Alright.... Do not know why you brought your avatar into this You said something of jimmy page
  4. m8 i quit before it was cool lelel Actually my avatar is Syd Barrett.
  5. This is a grim day for us all indeed.
  6. fucking hell i started a trend
  7. dafuq did i start? my thread was a video
  8. yeah but dat 3 years probation ye,,,, nty
  9. Led Zeppelin


    Happens to me too sometimes, i just ignore it. Chatbox is not a modable app so there is not really much people at osbot can do about it.
  10. http://osbot.org/forum/topic/13676-price-manipulation-of-zybez/ (hope i dont get banned for posting this)
    1. Led Zeppelin

      Led Zeppelin

      I like you now ^_^

    2. lolmanden
    3. Led Zeppelin

      Led Zeppelin

      Fucking staff can't take a joke, they think this is fucking preschool -_-

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