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  1. scammmerr i want my $300 back. You scum.

  2. There are multiple people on here that will hand train them.
  3. Have funds in my paypal looking to pay $1.15/M Skype os.Jessie.
  4. Via buying RSGP? as you've been trying to buy a lot recently?
  5. Sponsor

    Ban Meter

    It normally goes down after a year, you've gotten lucky twice I'd take the 3rd warning as 3 strikes and your out.
  6. You said you admited that you was drinking so was this a lie ? i'm confused? don't be a grass and screw over other employers so you can get a job back aswell. If you can get a better one do it.
  7. I'm OO, Account does have a Minor Bot Bust from a service i bought which was suppose to be hand done but not much i can do about that now. Comes with full void range, torso, barrows gloves, 4m NMZ points, Firecape, full graceful set, slayer helm (i), Slayer Rings etc. Lemme know if your interested.
  8. Add me on Skype, OS.Jessie
  9. If you could do 50m @ $1.15 I would love to buy, PP or UKBT. (You'll be funding my 99 range :P)
  10. Will do this 100k, jokes i wont undercut anyone
  11. Right to use mirror mode, Load runescape in your browser so you are at the log in screen(make sure your runescape is set to fixed mode) Then start osbot and put it into mirror mode and your done.
  12. Sponsor

    Load of Quests

    I can do all for 7.5m including gathering items. http://osbot.org/forum/topic/98263-50-feedback-%E2%98%85-firecapes-questing-sponsors-services-puresmainszerksfast-efficient-questing-%E2%98%85/
  13. I feel the same when playing runescape legit, I'm like no friends
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