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  1. ty i mean so far even with the problem of rs lagg this computer is a beast i mean no lagg problems elsewhere... but im glad atleast that i can run the official client just annoying when pking
  2. i tried both and when i did the full size mode it helped a little but not much though i hear what you say well i bought it from a random guy from a city near me im from denmark . i did try the cc cleaner but its weird when i play world of warcraft etc. it works smooth,.. by the way when im on the official client everything works really good.. its just when im on osbuddy ... but i need to play on osbuddy when pking to see that xp thing to see if im going to hit high incase i have to spec :P.. is there anything else i can do?
  3. nice but the weird thing is that im running youtube vid other games like a beast.... but a simple game like runescape 2007 is slow thats what i dont get
  4. hey guys ty for the answers. the guy i bought this laptop from did a fresh install. i just tried updating system no results on rs perfomance. i noticed when theres not many ppl in a world it works perfectly.. but when im in like w 2 with a lot of ppl its so slow will it help to use direct x as display and how do i do that on microsoft 10 (enabling it)
  5. I am depressed my imac broke and i just bought a new laptop to play rs with. I am no expert but i bought a gamer lapto from asus the g75 model model:g75vw my specs is : processor: intel core i7-3610qm 2.30 Ghz, 2301 Mhz, 4 cores. Amount of ram: 32 gb. Graphic card: Nvidia geforce GTX 370M when i asked in runescape they laughed and said theres something really weird if those specs makes runescape go slow. its like when i click the yellow thing does slow mo in rs and when i rotate it feels so laggy... Please help would really appreciate it. what i tried so far: - downloaded cc cleaner - updated java - tried the official client (it actually made it a little better but i need to play on rsbuddy), - tried using cat-5 cable instead of wifi (nothing happened). - looked how much cpu usage was in use and it said 17% total when runescape was running. - tried using more ram when running java (nothing happened). if you can give me anymore tips that could help me out i would really appreciate it
  6. sleim

    She said yes

    marriage is not just a piece of paper, its a part of someones religious rituals. I am married myself and i got married because i decided to follow the rules according to my religion. And Gratz on it By the way Hero you do not have to have a wedding party to get married.... so its not that much money.
  7. thanks a lot for all the comments its just annoying when someone smites me though and i cant smite back then ill have to drink pray pot so fast and the other dude wont risk any real valuables
  8. Hey bro i am playing both bounty and pvp worlds :P what would you recommend then ?
  9. Hello guys . So i have this void ags Pker stats: 99 range, 90 str, 42 def, 31 pray etc. My question is should i raise pray lvl to 52 so i can smite people... i would raise 3 cb lvls from 90 to 93 if i did it:). Thanks.
  10. My favourite is without doubt full void Ags pk:)
  11. been missing you sleim

    1. sleim


      Hey miss you too Im sorry Ive been Really busy i Got a new transport job its kinda hard:p

  12. Jagex got you banned now so you were not invincible but you got far i must admit
  13. Ty eid mubarak to all:)
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